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  • Спутник летит по небу


    1950s – 1960s

    – September 7, 1949 – State Radio Research and Development Institute for Broadcasting, Radiocommunication and Development of Broadcast Networks was established

    – In 1964 it was renamed into the Radio Research and Development Institute or NIIR

    – Special laboratory for developing satellite communications was established

    – NIIR developing national satellite communication and broadcasting systems, as well as systems to be used in the first satellite link connecting Moscow and Vladivostok.

    – The world's first 1 GHz satellite broadcasting system – Orbita designed to broadcast TV programs to the remote regions of the country.

  • Телевизор


    1970s – 1980s

    – NIIR collaborated to launch the international system "Intersputnik" for telephone communications, data transmission and television broadcasting.

    – NIIR developing a satellite link for government communications

    – Designing the world's first satellite television broadcasting system – "Ekran" providing federal TV broadcasting to people in the most remote and sparsely populated regions of our country.

    – Designing an even more powerful 12 GHz satellite television broadcasting system, which had no limitations in transmitting power and ensured nationwide multi-program broadcasting.

  • Ночное небо и вышка связи



    – NIIR creating favorable conditions for the development and introduction of new advanced radio communication and broadcasting technologies.

    – Designing "GALS" – a fully automated complex allowing for ground-based tests of onboard repeaters for spacecrafts.

  • Город будущего



    – NIIR working on television digitalization: from developing regulatory framework and standards to milestone projects, serving as the basis for developing the digital broadcasting in the regions.

    – Developing the domestic TV broadcasting equipment – "Roscrypt-M" system.

    – Within the framework of the international programme Phobos, NIIR created powerful radio transmitters for control systems of deep space spacecrafts.

  • Робот жмёт руку человеку


    Present time

    – Designing payload modules for the Express series spacecrafts.

    – NIIR establishing new research centers to focus on the most promising areas, including 5G and 6G wireless networks, Internet of Things, tropospheric communications, electromagnetic compatibility and security, big data and others.

    – Development and integration of information and communication projects for comprehensive automation and optimization of production and business processes at enterprises in various fields.